Air Conditioning and Productivity

Air Conditioning and Productivity
Many things can affect productivity in the office, and as the weather warms up, the same things will apply to working at home, too. As we head into summer and temperatures climb productivity can decrease significantly as a result of discomfort.

The good news is, good air conditioning in your home office can offset this effect! A well-maintained system with correct temperature settings will create a comfortable working environment that will keep you comfortable and productive. Good for you and good for your boss.

Here are four ways that a workplace air conditioning system can improve productivity:

Comfortable Working Conditions

Heat and humidity will make you feel irritable, sleepy, tired, sluggish and sweaty. Your focus will be adversely affected, and it will be harder for you to concentrate on your work. Double-check your air con is set to the correct temperature for the conditions – comfort drastically increases productivity. Make sure you adjust your settings to take into account changing humidity as well as temperature.

Stable Temperature

Maintenance of a stable temperature year-round is crucial for comfort. Aim for a temperature of 24℃ all year round. This is the optimal temperature for maximum productivity; anything above or below will decrease productivity significantly. Of course, the ambient temperature needs to be taken into consideration when setting temperature. If it’s 30℃ outside, then your air conditioning may need to be set slightly lower.

Prevention of Health Problems

Getting your temperature and humidity levels set correctly can prevent health issues (and we don’t need any more of those!). Air conditioning that’s set too low leads to a cold environment creating breathing problems, dry eyes and skin, and a loss of focus. Too warm and you’ll suffer from drowsiness in the colder months and heatstroke and sweat rash in the warmer months due to excessive sweating.

Technology doesn’t like the Heat

All technology, especially IT equipment, is sensitive to heat. As part of a computer’s internal cooling system, it can instruct individual components such as the CPU to slow down intensive applications to avoid overheating. In extreme cases, the computer will simply turn itself off completely without warning.  Not only are many hours wasted a year due to heat-sensitive IT equipment failing, but there’s the material cost too. Over the long-term, hardware will wear out far more quickly than would be the norm, leading to voided warranties and the need to replace expensive equipment more often.


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