Working from home?

Working from home?

New working environment getting you hot and bothered? Working from home due to Corvid-19 crisis and finding you’re not as comfortable in your designated office space as you’d like to be? If you and your assistants (the kids, cat or dog) and your computer equipment would prefer a cooler environment then get in touch. We have […]

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is your air conditioning sick?

7 Signs your air-con is sick

Below are seven common signs your air-con is sick and isn’t as well as it could be. Recognise any? IS THE UNIT BLOWING AIR THAT DOESN’T MATCH THE TEMP SETTING? This may be obvious, but an older unit that blows warm air when it should be cool and vice a versa is a problem. If […]

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star energy rating system

Energy efficiency. The star of the show

Energy efficiency is an important consideration when buying any item that uses electricity, especially air conditioning. The hard part has been done, and you now know what size air conditioner you need for the space you want to cool or heat. Now you’ll need to compare different models to for energy efficiency. Here’s where you’ll […]

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What Size Air Conditioner do you need?

What size air conditioner do you really need?

Online calculators make this seem like an easy problem to solve, but there’s more to it. Read on. What size air conditioner is the right size for your needs? Well, for any air conditioner to work efficiently, you need to have calculated the size of the unit you need. If it’s too small for the […]

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Image of lots or old air conditioners

Have your air conditioning cleaned and serviced. Here’s why

Having your air conditioning cleaned and serviced can save you time and money, and it’s good for your health. Having your air conditioning cleaned and serviced. Should you bother? Does it really need it? Well, yes you should, and yes, it does. If you’re in any doubt keep reading… Your air conditioner will be more […]

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Smoke alarm laws have changed

Where there’s smoke alarms, new laws now apply

The Queensland state government has introduced new smoke alarm laws. Here’s what’s changing and how it affects you. It’s something that nearly all of us dread. The silent killer… While the entire house is fast asleep fire breaks out. Small at first but growing in size and intensity often with appalling consequences… Over 70 people […]

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EFPOS Card offer from Panasonic. Up to $200

Receive an EFTPOS card to the value of $200* when you purchase a Panasonic air conditioner

  From April the first you’ll be able to claim a free EFTPOS card up to the value of $200* when you purchase a Panasonic air conditioner through Task Industries. To see what units are included and download a PDF Click Here. Terms and Conditions apply. To view in full and download, please Click Here. […]

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Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance. The key to safety and savings

Electrical maintenance is something most of us never think of, but often do you have your car serviced? There’s a lot that can go wrong after all. Not just the ‘big’ things like brakes, shock absorbers or the clutch. There are all the little things; tyres, fluid levels, and filters. It’s all those little things […]

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Electrical Safety. Don’t take it for granted

Most injuries occur from faulty electrics inside your home or office, not external power lines Whenever we think of electrical safety, we immediately think of fallen powerlines; only natural considering the news coverage that follows a major incident. But did you know that there are significant risks in every home and business that can easily […]

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