Electrical Safety. Don’t take it for granted


Most injuries occur from faulty electrics inside your home or office, not external power lines

Whenever we think of electrical safety, we immediately think of fallen powerlines; only natural considering the news coverage that follows a major incident. But did you know that there are significant risks in every home and business that can easily be reduced? Here are a few tips to help:

  • Use a licensed electrician to do your electrical work. Okay, this may seem obvious but with the all the DIY shows around today, there are lots of people that think ‘this can’t be too hard, I’ll give it a crack’. Don’t!
  • Fit safety switches and test them. Regularly. Most homes built after 1992 should have safety switches already installed. Don’t just have one, it may not be enough – if you’re unsure, get in touch. And test them regularly too! One that doesn’t work is as pointless as not having one at all. If you have small children, fit safety covers to any power points that little fingers can reach.
  • Have a look at your switches and power points. If they’re in any way damaged, get them replaced.
  • Light fittings. Same as switches and power points. If you have to replace bulbs more regularly in a particular room, have it checked out – there could be a problem. With downlights, make sure that any insulation isn’t covering them in the ceiling space.

If your toaster pops the fuse or triggers your safety switch, get rid of it or get it repaired by somebody who’s qualified. Same goes for any other electrical appliance, if it appears faulty don’t continue to use it. Be mindful of what you’re buying second hand. Importers and retailers are bound by law to ensure what they sell is safe. Not such laws apply for that second-hand dryer on eBay.

Unsure if your home is as safe as it could be?

Many of the issues that could compromise your electrical safety are often not apparent. If you’re concerned about a particular issue or you’d like to us to look over your home and identify any problems you may have, we provide an audit service for both home and business.

Prevention is better than cure

 Task Industries provides regular, scheduled maintenance services for both home and office that includes reduced OUT OF HOURS call out fees and gives you peace-of-mind. To find out more, read the plan in full.

Task Industries. When it comes to electrical safety, we’ve got what you need

 We’re not just about electrical safety. Task Industries provides a full range of electrical services for both home and office so whatever your requirements, our fully trained team of electricians can provide you with a prompt, simple and competitive solution.


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