Long-lasting electrical solutions in Brisbane

Are you interested in an energy solution that can save you money while helping to save the planet?
Would you like to reduce your electricity costs?
Do you want to join the green revolution?

If this sounds like you, then Task Industries has the solar power solutions you’ve been searching for.

solar-power-why-solarWhy solar?

In a country gifted with such long, hot summers, solar power is a clear choice. By installing a photovoltaic solar system (PVSS) on your property, you can start to harness the power of the sun for hot water, air conditioning, and all your other electrical devices. By providing this energy for yourself, you can drastically cut the cost of your quarterly bills, saving thousands in the long run. Yes, there’s an initial pay-out for the installation of the solar system, but this can be repaid in as little as five years.

Solar energy is a mid to long-term investment. If you’re planning on moving house in the next two or three years, then it’s probably not right for you. However, if you’ve recently taken out a mortgage and will be spending the next 25 years in your house, you could be getting free energy for 20 of those years. In the meantime, you have the pride of knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment.

solar-power-our-solar-energy-systemsOur solar energy systems

Task Industries is Green Energy Council accredited to design, install and certify grid connected solar systems. At Task Industries, we supply and install the REC multi-crystalline solar cell system.

Produced by a Norwegian company with factories in Singapore, they represent both quality and value for money. We use a range of different DC to AC inverters to suit the capacity of various systems, made by brands such as SMA, Xantrex, and Fronius.

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