What size air conditioner do you really need?

What Size Air Conditioner do you need?

Online calculators make this seem like an easy problem to solve, but there’s more to it. Read on.

What size air conditioner is the right size for your needs? Well, for any air conditioner to work efficiently, you need to have calculated the size of the unit you need. If it’s too small for the area you have in mind, you’ll find that your air-con unit will need run at full capacity which will cause the air to dry out and do some serious damage to your electricity bill. Too big and the unit’s cycle will be too short, and it will run more frequently which will leave too much moisture in the air, leading to high humidity and excessive wear and tear on your system.

But don’t worry, both of these undesirable outcomes are easily avoided. All you need to do is understand the cooling and heating capabilities of your new air conditioning system and match it to the size of your intended room. Put simply, larger rooms require larger units – so if you have a large, open plan area think 6kW or larger. Bedrooms and smaller areas may get by on 2.5kW unit.

What else you need to think about

Online calculators are only a basic predictor of what you need. They’re actually more of a marketing tool than an accurate analysis tool. Just relying on these alone may result in you ending up with a larger unit than you actually need!

To end up with the right size air conditioner for your needs, you must not only measure the area in which it will be sited but you’ll need to assess how the room is used. Give some thought to its orientation in relation to the sun, where the windows are and their size, what furniture will be in the room. Consider too whether the room’s insulated (floor, ceiling and walls), local climate and whether the room is shaded during any part of the day and how much?

To make life a really simple, seek the advice of a reputable air conditioning specialist who’ll help you to properly assess your specific needs and is likely to identify issues you haven’t even considered. They’ll then be able to provide a tailored solution that considers and meets your particular needs, will last you years with proper maintenance, and run efficiently saving you money.


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